North Texas Rod and Custom, Muscle Cars and Restomods
North Texas Rod and Custom, Muscle Cars and Restomods


North Texas Rod and Custom is ready to rewire your custom car or truck with the latest technology today! We often fabricate custom electrical systems for our client’s custom cars and trucks, making specialty wiring harnesses on a car by car basis. However, we can also install after-market electrical systems from companies such as: Painless Performance, American Rewire, and Rom Francis. And of course, for your drag car, we can create custom electrical systems utilizing throttle stops and delay boxes.

When making upgrades to your vehicle, it is often necessary to upgrade your gauges, as well. Old, outdated gauges may not be able to keep up with newly installed equipment. Or, perhaps, changing the gauges is just a cosmetic change. Either way, we can help you find and install custom gauges for your project. We install gauges from Dakota Digital, Auto Meter, Classic, Dolphin Gauges, Stewart Warner, and many more.

Of course, we cannot forget the desirable creature comforts that so many classic vehicles went without. To finish out your complete electrical system, we can install A/C systems, power upgrades to windows and wipers, remote entry, customs sound systems, and much more. We install A/C systems from Vintage AirOld Air, and Southern Rods (R134A only).

For the drag racers, we install complete electrical systems. Including those for nitrous oxide use, Dedenbear and Pro-cube delay boxes. As well as, MSD, throttle stops and timers, and electronic fuel-injection systems.

Contact us today for your electrical needs!