Hurray for the muscle car! Once again, bringing a new decade brought major changes for the auto manufacturers. The 60’s and 70’s were great for the hi-performance lover. Fast cars with big engines and 4 speeds made for┬ásome fun times. Factory hot rods roared through the streets and stoplight to stoplight drag races were common. Jack grew up in North Dallas and was a known figure on Forest Lane with his ’66 Chevelle. No one cared about air conditioning and power steering, they robbed power. Just give me a powerful motor, a 4 speed, posi-trac, and a look-out!

The popularity of muscle cars and restomods over the past decade will leave no doubt that this mentality is embedded into all us “gear heads” and is here to stay (did it ever really leave?).

Fortunately for us, the after market has stepped up and many parts are now being reproduced making it that much easier to restore your favorite muscle cars like the Camaro, Mustang,┬áChevelle, Challenger, Cuda, GTO…..

Check out some of the muscle cars and restomods North Texas Rod and Custom Inc has brought back to life to once again roar through the streets!