North Texas Rod and Custom, Muscle Cars and Restomods
North Texas Rod and Custom, Muscle Cars and Restomods

Sheet Metal Restoration and Customization:


Bring your vehicle to our shop for detailed automobile restoration in Kaufman. At North Texas Rod and Custom Inc, we repair or replace rusted or damaged sheet metal everyday. All repairs are mig welded using only Miller Welders. The after market supply of replacement sheet metal patch panels grows everyday, and parts for everything from Model T’s to cars and trucks of the 60’s are currently available. However, when a specific patch panel is not available, we have many sheet metal tools to fabricate our own panels as needed.


We do many custom sheet metal modifications including; chopping tops, nosing hoods, shaving hinges and handles, frenching, louvers, flush tail lights and turn signal markers, custom front and rear roll pans, shaving or dechroming and smoothing, frenched antennas and license plates.

We are frequently asked about chemical “fixes” for rust repair. THEY DO NOT WORK!! There is only ONE way to fix rust and that is to cut it out and replace it.


For those needing fiberglass parts or repair, we can also help here. From fenders and hoods to complete fiberglass bodies, the supply is ever growing and the quality is getting better every day. We used to say “steel is real and glass has no class”, but with the improvements in production techniques, the quality of the parts today are far superior from what was available just a few years ago. In some instances, replacing that old rusted, damaged, missing, or unavailable steel part with a high quality fiberglass part not only saves time but money as well.